The mission

The mission of BlueRe m.a. is to provide reinsurance for nuclear operators and related industry members through a secure and stable market enabling Members to achieve the lowest overall long-term cost of risk as well as providing uniform support to the industry in order to comply with the Conventions in place related to Nuclear Third Party Liability.

The mission of the Advisory Committees

The Advisory Committees contribute to the achievement of the BlueRe mission by serving as a liaison between BlueRe and its Members and advising the Board of Directors concerning matters related to their specific domain.

As a mutual association, BlueRe m.a. relies on its Members to provide the insight and guidance to help us achieve this mission. Through active Member participation,   the Re-Insurance Advisory Committee (RIAC), the Legal Advisory Committee (LAC), the Finance and Investment Advisory Committee (FIAC), provides this steady conversation with our Members. 

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